Wait, Then Wait Some More

First, my wife and I waited to try for a baby because we both wanted to finish getting our degrees. Eventually, we started trying for a baby and God had us “wait” until it was the right time.  Then, we got pregnant and had to wait like everyone else until she was full-term.  Well, now that we’re full-term, we’re just waiting for the boy to come.  That sounds fairly typical.  I’m sure the whole process is very typical.

However, now that the doctor has said that she is 3-cm dilated and she is having “real” contractions (quotations are added to emphasize the fact that, no, they are not Braxton-Hicks and, no, it is not ‘false labor’) and that she could “go at any time,” my wife and I have been unable to think about anything else but “when is it going to happen?”

We both continue to go to work, but we cannot think about anything else.  I am constantly making sure my phone is on and working and I’m sure she’s walking around with galoshes on.  Regardless, even after waiting for 39+ weeks to have this baby, it seems the last 72 hours have been the longest of the pregnancy.

Every morning when I wake up and drive to work I’m waiting to be called home.  All day at work I’m waiting to be called home.  At home, I’m waiting for her to yell from somewhere that it’s time to go.  And at night, I go to bed thinking – hoping – that I will get woken up in the middle of the night to rush to the hospital because it’s “time to go!”

I know it will happen when it happens.  I know you shouldn’t rush through your life or wish anyone else’s (your child’s) life away.  I’m sure the boy will come within the next couple hours or day or two, but for right now, the suspense and anxiety are killing me (us) and we just want to meet our first child, my boy!