This past weekend, my wife had her baby shower.  It was great to see all her friends and both our families come together to celebrate – and give gifts, lots and lots of gifts.  It is so remarkable how generous people are.  The person who came up with the idea of a registry is a genius!  We tell people what we want at a particular store and they get it for us – for the most part.  I digress.

The most amazing gifts were the ones that cannot be bought at a store and are entirely unique.  Such gifts include the half-dozen or so afghans that were made in different colors, shapes, and patterns; wash cloths; receiving blankets; etc.  Words cannot describe how beautiful and thoughtful these gifts are.  People took time out of their lives to sit down and make something for our child – sometimes taking hours or days to finish.

To top it all off, my father built with his own hands, a dinosaur rocking chair.  It took him weeks, each night after work, sometimes in the extreme heat encamped in his garage to finish this in time and have in delivered.  unbelievable.

While some people had to drive no more than five minutes, other people drove as much as eight hours, some seven, and others took a train for two to three hours.  All we hear today is about how bad things are getting in America and around the world, but when you see the joy, happiness, and unrelenting love that people pour over friends, family and new life, there is still a lot to look forward to – especially when it’s your own family that will be perpetuating.

My wife and I are truly and completely grateful for all our family and friends.  Thank you all and we will never forget.


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