Eat This !!!

Now that the baby shower has come and gone, the nursery is all set, the house is about as “tidy” as it’s going to get, and we assume we’re mentally prepared, my wife and I are officially hunkered-down in the “waiting phase.”

Seriously, let’s go buddy.  There are a lot of people waiting for you out here and you’re just lying in there getting a few extra zzz’s and gaining a little more weight (much to your mommy’s dismay – or soon to be dismay).

So how do you get the show on the road?  I’ve been telling friends and co-workers that we are officially “waiting on him.”  This perpetuates comments that range from “mine were late,” or “mine were early,” or “you should eat [fill in the blank].”  Which is exactly what led me to this post: what tips or advice have you heard or received to “speed it up a little?”

The two biggest suggestions (with regards to food) were pineapple and Mexican food.  Needless to say, this past weekend turned into a pineapple buffet and we finished the weekend with a trip to our favorite Mexican restaurant.  We’ve also heard, “take a walk,” and … well, you know.

The funny thing is, the day after the Mexican food and pineapple extravaganza, she started to have contractions.  So, we’ll be taking walks each night this week so we can meet this little bugger soon.

What suggestions have people given you or your wife?  I bet there are some very interesting ones.


One thought on “Eat This !!!

  1. My suggestion – don’t try anything. Babies come when THEY are ready. Not when YOU are ready. I suggest enjoying the time you have now…get sleep, relax and watch a movie, go out to dinner, all the things you will miss when you’re stuck at home with a little one screaming and crying 🙂

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