How It Happened

Looking back, it all seemed too easy. However, based on a previous post, Caleb had no intentions of coming out quickly (at least to start)!

My wife woke up around 2:30am and starting having contractions about five minutes apart. Two hours later, she woke me up to let me know. I bounced out of bed, ready to go, but we were not in a rush. After she took a shower and so did I, she finally called her doctor who told her to wait and call her back in an hour.

After an hour, my wife called her doctor again to say that the contractions were still occurring every five or so minutes, but she was not in any real pain. The Doc told her to go for a walk and then call again in an hour or so. Therefore, my wife and I got the hospital bag ready, the dogs all taken care of, the house all set, and went out for a walk. Two miles later we called the doctor and she told us to go to the hospital.

Once in the car to the hospital, the doctor called us back and told us the delivery ward was swamped and that we would need to wait; she recommended we go right to her OB office. Since her office opened at 9:00am and it was 7:30am, we decided to drive down to the area anyways, get a quick bite to eat at Dunkin Donuts, then head over to the office.

Once in the office, they hooked my wife right up to the fetal heart monitor and contraction monitor. After about ten/fifteen minutes, the doctor came in, examined my wife, said she was five centimeters, and that “your having a baby today.” She called over to the hospital and we were on our way.

In the car ride to the hospital, we reflected that it was nice we weren’t running and racing to the delivery room and it was actually pretty seamless to this point.

Once we arrived at the hospital, we went right to the birthing room (about 10:30am). My wife started to dilate about one centimeter an hour and got an epidural at six centimeters. Like a champ, she did very well up to nine centimeters, where they broke her water. An hour later, the doctor came back in, told my wife that she was ready when my wife was to start pushing. My wife started at the next contraction and after pushing for one hour, our baby boy was delivered!

The doctor and nurses quickly bundled him up, cut the cord, and put him on my wife to hold and keep warm.

The experience was absolutely amazing – more so because we were never going crazy rushing or racing anywhere. Luckily for us, it was a very calm experience and quick at that.

We were allowed to stay in the birthing room for another hour or so, then they brought us to the postpartum room. More on that to come…

How did our experience compare to yours?



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