Momma’s Boy

This week started with my wife having to go to an evening meeting.  I usually get home from work around 5:00pm and her meeting started around 5:30pm.  When I got home, she was just finishing up feeding our son, which should have held him over until around 7:00 – 8:00pm.

I had my plans: I would put our son in the swing for a little bit, then read him a book, possibly play some music or give him some quiet time to nap or just look around, then bathe him, feed him, and eventually put him to bed.  Easy, right?!


Apparently, our son has developed a strong attachment to mommy and only wants to be around mommy.  Don’t get me wrong, it makes sense.  He’s around her all day, everyday.  She’s his food source and changes the majority of his diapers and gives him baths.  There was just no way of us knowing this has occurred until mommy left.  Well, she did.

Our son wailed and cried and screamed since about five minutes after mom left for her meeting and did not stop – literally.  He screamed at the top of his lungs.  I had no idea what the problem was.  I knew he wasn’t hungry because he just ate.  I changed his diaper.  I took off his sweatpants and socks and put them back on (maybe he was hot, maybe he was cold).

After about two hours, I figured a bath would sooth him, calm him down, and make him sleepy.  WRONG!  The water was a perfect temperature – not too hot or cold, but a warm mild.  I had the “duckie” that goes over him that keeps him warm during baths.  I cleaned him up real good, but boy did he scream.  Ugh, what was the matter?!  Maybe by this point he worked up an appetite and was hungry?


I tried to warm up the bottle of expressed breast milk that my wife had made especially for this evening’s “boy’s night,” but that apparently took too long because he continued to wail at the top of his lungs.  I tried my best to calm him down before feeding him and partly succeeded – partly.  Then I went in for the kill – some nice warm mommy’s milk to fill him up and get him nice and sleepy.  WRONG!!!!  He did not want to take the bottle for the life of him.  I tried giving him the bottle multiple times. I intermittently burped him and soothed him, but to no avail.  He wanted nothing to do with the bottle or me.

I tried calming him in other ways – no lights, no sounds, walking around, different holds, different rooms, different surroundings, rattles, etc.  Nothing worked.

So, I went upstairs, swaddled him (he hated that too), turned off all the lights, sat in the glider, and tried one last time to give him some milk.  He was not having it.  So, much to my wife’s and my dismay, I texted my wife, told her what has been going on and that he won’t eat.  She left her meeting to come home and feed him.

My son wants only mommy and wants nothing to do with pacifiers or bottles.

So, this week we’ve started a new routine.  When I get home from work, mom leaves for a good 30-60 minutes so our son can get used to me taking care of him (which I did in the beginning, but apparently he doesn’t remember that).  Also, the first feeding after I get home is with a bottle.  So far, no success.  However, this weekend is going to be “bottle or nothing” Saturday.  Wish us luck – we’re in for a long day!

How did you handle or get your child to take a bottle or pacifier?