Nothing new, Everything new

It seems to me that nothing new has happened lately, but I know that isn’t true.

Our son is bigger, heavier, and taller.  Our son makes more noises, coo’s and ca’s longer and more often.  Our son reaches out, bats at objects, has a death grip, and loves trying to stick both his fists in his mouth at the same time.

It’s tough when you are away for most of the day to see all the new and exciting advancements your child is making.  I get to see him for no more than 30-60 minutes in the morning and then at best another 2-3 hours at night before he goes to bed.  I make sure I read a story to him when he is getting his bath and I also make sure that I change his diaper in the middle of the night.

I love when I come home and he smiles when he sees me.  It makes bad days turn good in an instant.  His smiles are unique, he has at least three: one huge one that might as well be a giggle, one smaller one that just shows he likes what you’re doing, and another coy smile where he hides a little bit while he looks at you with a grin on his face.  They’re all adorable and they all make me smile.

It is absolutely amazing to see how his picture looks completely different from a similar picture taken just two weeks prior.  His face is fuller, his head is bigger, there’s more hair on his head, he appears more alert, he might be smiling instead of sleeping, and more.

The fact that he’s ten weeks old already sounds like not that much time has passed but feels like months have elapsed.  In two weeks he’ll be three months old already and by the end of next month he’ll be in day care full-time.  And that’ll be that – day care then school for the rest of his youthful life.  Crazy.  Amazing.  Sad.  Exciting.

What’s more amazing, is how with every day and with every smile, you love him more and more and can never imagine your life without him.  The first couple of weeks were brutal, but I don’t even remember that now.

How did you feel around 10 weeks?