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We have officially transitioned.

Two weeks ago, my wife and I decided that our son should go from the infant sleeper to the bassinet. In other words, sleeping in a more confined, concave sleeper to sleeping only in a swaddle and on his back on a flat surface.

We tried this on a Friday so that we could get him to adapt throughout the weekend in case he completely revolted. Much to our surprise, he did just fine. He pretty much slept his usual infant schedule of four to five hours at a stretch.

That worked well enough for a week so we decide that we should try to transition him to the nursery this past Friday. This was a different transition altogether. Not only did it mean sleeping on his mattress in his crib instead of a more solid surface of the bassinet in the pack n play, but more especially it meant sleeping in a completely different room – down the hall!

So, what once was our in-room four to five hour alarm clock, now comes to us via a monitor.

He has been doing just fine and so have I! My wife, on the other hand, constantly checks the monitor to see what he’s doing. It’s certainly a big change, but we’re all making due.

I have to admit, it was a lot easier to get up and change his diaper when he was in the room instead of going to another part of the house. On the flip side, it’s a lot easier to sleep now than it was when his grunts and groans kept me up.

How did you transition your kid to the nursery?


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