Thanksgiving Hi’s & Lo’s

Our son’s first major holiday was a success!  He was a little antsy as everyone wanted to hold, play, and talk with him, but he made it through the day and so did mom and dad.

Fortunately, and unfortunately, there is not much to discuss.  He did great all day, napped, ate from the bottle well, and was his typical happy self.

Thanksgiving also marked a major milestone.  It was the last weekend before mom went back to work after four months of maternity leave.  She was upset, for obvious reasons: all the one-on-one time that she was giving our son, how well he was developing, how happy he seemed, the schedule that she was keeping with him, and just being around him and being home.

Monday marked the first day of our new night/morning routine.  All the bottles were cleaned, outfits picked out, alarm clocks set, and we’re ready to go.  Our son typically woke up around 6:30am.  My wife’s new routine was scheduled to start at 5:30am with a shower and getting ready.  He woke up about 20 minutes early, pretty much throwing her routine out the window.  Needless to say, it all worked out and we both were the proud/sad parents dropping off our son to his first day of day care.  He smiled at his new teachers.  My wife was stoic while in the presence of me and the day care staff.  Halfway down the road from the day care my wife called me and was sobbing.  I understood.  I felt bad.   But I knew and told her that we are doing the right thing and that this day will come sooner or later.

That evening, my wife picked our son up from day care and brough home his daily report card.  He napped well, ate well, played with himself well, and was an overall good kid all day.  That was great to hear.  It would have been hard for both of us if he didn’t sleep or eat well.  The hardest part, I think, started to dawn on my wife – working allows you only a couple hours a day to spend with your child.  By the time they got home from daycare, there was only a little bit before he was back down for a nap, then wake up, feed, bath, then down for the night.  It all happens too fast.  We eventually all went to bed.

Then it happened…

Our alarm clocks went off the next morning.

Yea, so? So what? So what?! This was the first time we all went to bed and all woke up at the same time.  Yup – an all-nighter!  Daycare exhusted him!  We did it! We made it! Woo-hoo!!! Only one problem – remember the routine?  My wife is supposed to get up at 5:30 and get around and ready for our son to wake up at 6:30.  He woke up at 5:45 – about right when my wife was rinsing the soap out of her hair.  So much for the schedule!

We made due again and it was now the first time that daddy was going to drop “the big guy” off at daycare by himself – sans mom.  He was a happy guy being driven to daycare – talking the whole way.  It’s such a great feeling for me, I love it.  I love having what seem like one-sided conversations with him.  I imagine that he’s responding that all things are great and he’s so happy.

Last night was the same routine as the previous night’s and he was down again by 8:00.  He also slept through the night again!  Unbelievable.

So, yes, Thanksgiving gave us highs and lows, but mostly highs.  We’re all moving on to the next chapter in his growing up and our growth as parents and working adults.  Thanksgiving is a day to reflect on what you are most thankful for and I have to admit there is a LOT that I am thankful and grateful for.

How about you?  When did you son/daughter first sleep through the night?  Were you scared when you woke up or happy? How was your first trip to daycare?  Did you cry all the way there or wait until you left?  How many times did you call the daycare to check in?  C’mon, be honest!