Vacation Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has come and gone.  Does my son know the difference?

The answer is probably yes, but not for the reasons you would think.  I can say that mom and dad definitely know the difference.

Our friends were so gracious in allowing us to crash at their place for four nights.  Not only was it just my wife, son, and me, but also our two dogs.  Our friends have two big dogs as well.

Luckily for us, our friends are expecting in another month, so they told us we didn’t need to bring any of the “big stuff” (i.e. pack n’ play, bathtub, etc.).

Let’s get right to it – our son was on vacation.  He slept great, ate great, napped great, and was great when he was awake.  He would sleep very well at night, waking up once to feed, then back to sleep until the morning.

When he returned home, it was must have been like flying into a cold-weather airport in the middle of winter from a beautiful, warm Caribbean beach resort.  Not only did he sleep patter change and he was back to being fussy at night, but his eating patterns fluctuated.

Granted, he may be going through his 3-month growth spurt, but he definitely loved staying at our friend’s!

Is this normal or strange?  Have you had any experiences where your child acted better out-of-the-house than at it?

On a side note – all the families that have lost their homes, property, or family members are in my prayers.  I pray that your power and lives can return to normal as soon as possible.  God Bless You.


One thought on “Vacation Sandy

  1. It would seem we have a little one at similar ages my little guy will be 11weeks old on Friday! Its so lovely to see a father writing.
    I’ve been blogging for the last three years through infertility – pregnancy and now motherhood. Its been a journey already ! and one that will continue in till.. Well forever I guess.
    I’ve hit the follow button so I’ll be sure to stop by more often.

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