Bed Slide

It’s been a while and I apologize.  For many, the Holidays are a time of running around, shopping, cooking, meeting with friends and family, and trying to cram everything else into your schedule, whether or not you get time-off to do so.  And all that occurs if you have children-in-tow of not.

This Holiday season was no different for my wife and I.  Since my last post about Thanksgiving, it was basically run, run, run the whole time all while taking care of the little boy.  The weekend after Thanksgiving, we picked out and set up our Christmas Tree (our son’s first, obv.).  It was fun, the guy at the shop took pictures for us – they turned out nice.  Our boy’s nose looked like a broken faucet, but it is what it is.  He really liked the tree, it’s smell, it’s texture.  After putting on the lights and ornaments, he loved just staring at it.  It made the holiday that much more special for my wife and I.

The week before Christmas was the most interesting, as our boy got a little cold (his first day-care take-home assignment, apparently).  It consisted mostly of coughing what sounded like phlem that reached from the bottom of his belly through and up into his nose.  We felt so bad for the little guy.  However, I have to admit, he’s a soldier.  Between coughs and hacks, it really didn’t seem to bother him.

Nighttime was when it got interesting.  We all know that propping yourself up a little bit helps with the whole post-nasal drip issue.  So, we decided to prop up his mattress since he’s still only able to go to sleep if he is swaddled.  I stuck a pillow under his bed.  The first night was fine.  The second and succeeding nights, however, were hilarious (to me at least).  We would put him to bed around 8 (which is normal time) and we would usually get to bed between 10 and 11.  When we would go to bed we’d check the monitor and he’d be in there sleeping soundly with the only sound we heard was the constant humming of his humidifier.  Then we’d wake up at somepoint in the middle of the night (early morning) and he would be nowhere in sight (in the monitor).  Ha, I guess I propped the bed up a little much because he would start kicking while asleep and slide down the mattress. 

It was time to take out the pillow and put in something smaller.

Other than that, the week of Christmas included his baptism, which was beautiful.  All his family and family’s friends came out to see him.  He apparently was in a good mood the whole morning because he talked (loudly) all through the service.  The pastor found it amusing, as did mom and dad, both grandparents, and the congregation.

He has another cough now.  Let’s hope it subsides soon.  I feel bad for the little guy.


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