Getting Ready

Today is officially three weeks before the “due date.”  As of last week, I have been “asked” to take the Pack n’ Play out of the box and set it up, put the mattress in the crib, put the bumbers in the crib, and install the car seat.  My repeated attempts to delay this have failed miserably as we “need to just be ready.”

I learned a lot today about getting a car seat installed.  While one could do it themselves, apparently your local law enforcement or fire department have certified car seat installers who have taken a one week course on how to properly install a seat.  Yea, you read that right – one whole week.  While not discounting the importance of having people that are certified to do this – and it is very important to have it done right, especially if you’ve never had a child before let alone install a car seat – is necessary to take a whole week course to line up a line with the ground, make sure the level is good, and get the base so tight against the seat its like those stories about people who have sat on a toilet seat for so long that their skin molded to it?

Either way, the crib is up, the mattress is in, the room is ready for the new baby (even though he won’t sleep in there for something like eight weeks after he comes home), and the car seat is in!

Lesson learned here: don’t argue, just do it.  Then go do something around the house or yard that actually needs to get done TODAY – you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something and so will she.